With Dr OP Kapoor at CME of Goregaon Medical Association

Goregaon Medical Association arranged a amazing Eduentertainment CME at Khetan International School. For GMA it was indeed a great honor as Our teacher of teachers, Senior Physician of our country Dr OP kapoor graced the occasion and sang over 14 songs non stop for over an hour and his voice almost matched the versatile singers like talat mehmood, Mannadey, Mahendra Kapoor, mannadey, Jagjeet singh and others Infact it was a OPKGeetmala. He sang with amazing energy and all of us were stunned to see this live performance. Following his singing and music session he gave a brilliant and awe inspiring talk on Co morbidities in Medical practice which was indeed such a edu informative lecture.
Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Sunil Chohan, President of GMA, Dr A Laheri , Dr Nitin Kocher, Dr Nirmal Nagin and other members of GMA really managed the event immaculately. Dr Deepak Jumani in his unique style introduced Sir Dr OP kapoor which was one of the most touchy and left one and all speechless. it was indeed a great tribute from him to his teacher and mentor. This was one of the most cherished event of GMA
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