Dr Deepak Jumani  visited  The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA.  MAy 2011.

My trip to The Mayo Clinic , at Rochester, MN , USA was a dream come true.

Being invited as a Visiting Sexual Health  Physician to The Mayo Clinic in itself was a great honor.  Worlds and Worlds of thanks to my reverend teachers , Dr O P Kapoor, Dr K Sreekumaran Nair, Dr Shashank Joshi, Dr Prakash Kothari, Dr R D lele, Dr Bakulesh Mehta,  Dr Pratiksha , Dr Sanjay Oak and many many more, for being instrumental in gifting me with  these special days of my life. All these super souls blessed me with  a angelic hug and made me what I am today. They all always have been my greatest awe.

The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered is what personifies The Mayo Clinic.  The patient care and the environment  makes it a unique model of health care.  The number of patients they see is far less than us in each day as they believe in unhurried examination of each patient  with collegial multi specialty team work and  this leads to lesser gross errors . The treating physicians take complete responsibility for directing the patient care and the staff members are mentored  in the culture of Mayo Clinic. There  is respect for patient, family and local treating physicians  with the highest possible human compassion and trust . Every staff, let she/he  be a Registered nurse or a physician’s assistant or even the physician or a surgeon will always ask one simple question to every patient after the examination etc that Do you have any questions for me ??

The environment at The Mayo Clinic is scholarly, research oriented, lots of educational activities normally called as Grand rounds. I was fortunate to give a presentation at the Women’s health Clinic and the audiovisual set ups were awesome beyond imagination .

There are over 200 Operating Rooms fully equipped with all the state of art imaging facilities . I also was fortunate to see a Robotic Myomectomy being performed on a Da Vinci  Robot. This was a feast  to my senses . The finesse, precision and avascular surgery with nil post operative infection rate is indeed unique and the patient goes home the same day.

The Integrated medical record system, a special comfortable professional dress decorum, great facilities for the staff and the patients, a cafeterias where I could even get Indian Vegetarian  food , the Mayo Store, The Library for the patients, for the doctors , the entire Gonda, Plummer, Charlton, Siebens, St. Mary’s , Rochester Methodist  Hospital  which formed the whole complex  as The Mayo Clinic  is a splendid Healing City as they have all the most advanced state of art technologies and techniques for giving patient what they need . Though they focus on quality and not quantity the number of patients they cateer  to are in several millions each year.

In my two weeks  stay at the Mayo Clinic, I learnt  that  the key note of progress  in our health industry today,  is a good system  in our set ups , organized team work, a research oriented outlook   and doing detailed examination   from top to bottom , using the available technology and techniques and committedly delivering timely medical service  to one and all. I have learnt a lot, yet there is lots to learn and I yearn to learn a lot.

Bless me .

Dr Deepak K Jumani.

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