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The Times of India – Bombay Times ” Body and Soul”. on the 13th May 2009.

Erectile dysfunction is the earliest marker of Heart Attack.


I am 35 and Director of a Software Company, I am always stressed, and I do not get a very strong erection and I take tablets like Viagra to have sex. Will I always need tablets to have a satisfying sex and what could be the side effects?

Erection is due to adequate flow of blood in the penile vasculature.

Stress is a well known libido-killer, as it triggers release of adrenalin and boosts the blood circulation at the parts of the body other than the genitals. Stress also reduces levels of hormones like Testosterone, etc, which are responsible for the sex drive and sexual response.

Popping pills as you do may put you in a catch 22 situation, & can do more harm if taken without medical supervision. First and foremost these drugs wont work if you are not adequately stimulated, or if taken with full stomach or just before the sexual act. The unpardonable side effects include severe headache, flushing, nasal congestion, visual disturbances and low blood pressure. It can be disastrous if given to a patient taking nitrates for heart diseases. It is a proven that Erectile dysfunction is one of the earliest marker of cardiac ischemia, which results in heart attacks, so if one hides the symptom of erectile dysfunction by self-medicating, the onset of the heart disease in him is masked. Though these tablets does get more blood in the penis, but it does not get the passion and compassion at heart. Moreover, you will need to plan your sex.

Is there a safe treatment to relive stress and have natural erection ?

Detailed medical history and examination to rule out any illness is a must. If the problem is psychogenic , Counseling, Diet, Exercise and herbal medications like a unique combo of Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, French Maritime Pine Bark and L–Arginine, marketed as Enlarge is safe and have known to produce natural erections.

Bombay times “Body and Soul” appeared on 11th June 2009

Q: I’m 24, married since four months, and I ejaculate within a minute of entering my partner. It’s very frustrating. How do I overcome this?

A: Your problem lies between your ears and not your legs. Masturbate before you have sex so that you can last longer during intercourse. Premature ejaculation should be dealt with mental as well as physical techniques. Take yourself mentally out of the situation. As soon as you feel you’re about to ejaculate stop thrusting, lie still and think about something else. After two to three minutes your arousal should drop. If this doesn’t help you last longer, try using pressure to stop yourself from coming too quickly — squeeze your penis just below the head between your fingers and thumb or ask your partner to do it. It may also help if your partner doesn’t get you too aroused during the early stages of sex. Try changing positions and avoid oral sex. Make that a separate activity, which you enjoy when you aren’t going to have full penetrative sex. Lasting longer in bed is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of experience, skill and confidence. Being carefree and playful in bed is another secret to a satisfying sex life.

Q: Is there any herbal cure available for premature ejaculation?
A: There is a herbal cure, which is a unique combo of Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, French Maritime Pine Bark and L–Arginine, that I call love food that is marketed as Enlarge. These ingredients have no side effects at all and if taken twice a day for four weeks are known to show promising results.

Bombay Times ” Body and Soul” 20th May 2009

Q1. I am 52 and married since 23 years, Age is catching on me, How do I keep my sex life alive and have Great sex ?

Great Sex starts with knowing your own sexual self with positive sexual attitudes ,feeling comfortable, relaxed & confident about one’s physical self and sexual needs . You must not only feel good about your ownself but feel comfortably relaxed with your partner.

Your partner is not responsible for your sex drive, instead you are responsible for making yourself sexually aware, able and responsive. How you communicate with your partner verbally and nonverbally is the key to making great sex a integral part of intimate relationships. Do not be afraid to ask what you want or make any newer suggestions to try out to improve each others sexual pleasures. Talking sex-life takes a tall courage, and not easy, but the results pay huge dividends.

Keeping Sex sexy is to change the way you initiate sex every time, dress sexily, date each other, have healthy food, regularly exercise and also add a variety to the whole act, Like change the time, place and positions. Keep newness, playfulness, romance alive and be carefree. Great Sex is not just a intercourse yet this is a common instinct. Though men yearn to be engulfed and women long to be filled, Great sex means you can move from intercourse to oral to manual and back again in any order and as many times you wish. Remember Kissing is the gateway to bliss and amorous experience provoking a erotic ardour. A woman’s upper lip is linked to her clitoris by nerves and the lower lip of a man is linked to his penis.

Lastly age is just a number & being sexy is a state of mind. Hence Sex has no expiry date.

Sex is truly life’s most profound, fulfilling sacred experience which gives longevity, builds positivity, strengthens relationships and is the most intimate expression of love.

Q2. Doctor can you advice some aphrodisiacs or sex tonics to keep our sex life alive.?

There are tons of aphrodisiacs or sex tonics available as foods, drinks, herbs or pills but a novel fantasy and a excited partner are the BEST APHRODISIAC.

Bombay Times “Body and Soul” appeared on 27thMay 2009

Vaginismus is not a woman’s fault

Q1….I am 32, married since 5 months and my wife is 28 yrs old, she always complains of burning pain while we attempt intercourse & penetration is almost impossible. This has resulted in utter disharmony. Please help me …

She has Vaginismus, a condition of involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina resulting in tightness of the vagina during attempted intercourse. She does not directly control or ‘will’ the tightness, neither is she aware of this response. The tightness is so restrictive that the opening to the vagina is ‘closed off’ and hence you are unable to insert your penis. This pain of vaginismus ends when the sexual attempt stops.

. Q 2…..How is this pain triggered and treated permanently?

Inadequate foreplay or lack of lubrication, anxiety can trigger this pain. It is important to understand that vaginismus is not the woman’s fault. Once triggered, the involuntary muscle tightness occurs without conscious direction; the woman has not intentionally ’caused’ or directed her body to tighten and cannot simply make it stop. The pain usually continues indefinitely and worsens., & she cannot simply ‘will’ vaginismus away, and it will not go away on its own.

Vaginismus is highly treatable. It does’nt require many drugs, surgery, hypnosis, nor any complex treatments. insertion or dilation. coping emotional issues, Retraining the pelvic muscle group to respond differently to the anticipation of intercourse is key to the successful treatment of vaginismus All this can be done at home and at her own pace in privacy My advice to couples those in therapy, or those who overcome vaginismus and now have pain-free intercourse is that there may be no passion in their acts, But the flame of passion can be re-ignited with patience and persistence of gentle non coital gestures like kissing passionately, cuddling each other often, keeping the romance alive, acceptance, continue to spend more time together and thinking positively about your partner to allow resparkle the splendid love chemistry.

Bombay Times “Body and Soul appeared on 4th June 2009

Q.1. I am 40 & my wife 36 married for 11 years have 2 children, Since last 3 years I have noticed my wife has less desire to have sex, and when she has a desire I feel uninterested in the act.

Please help.

What happens in the bedroom can be a reflection of what happens outside the bedroom. If couples aren’t being intimate, a sexless marriage could ruin a relationship. You both at times have a low sexual desire, and its not the same as being fearful of sex or being disgusted at the thought of sex It just means that you are not interested in participating in the process at that given moment of time.

Certain hormonal imbalances in both men and women, Thyroid functioning, menopause, depression, stroke, some cancers, Parkinson’s disease ,hepatitis. medications like birth control pills, blood pressure medications, tranquilizers, and some acidity medicines can contribute to low sexual desire Even fatigue, trauma, competing priorities, lack of attraction, feelings of shame, guilt and relationship problems can all point to low sexual desire.

Q.2… How do we over come low desire ?

The treatment is medical line of treatment and then using a couples therapy to help the couple to discuss the impact of low desire on the relationship and to help develop a roadmap of their wants for the future of their courtship. Certain Drugs and Testosterone therapy as pills, patches, lotions or injectables usually ignites a fire for sex in both, but needs caution. Herbal options which can safely be combined include the amazing love food called Enlarge which is a combo of Ginkgo biloba, Ginseng, French Pine bark and L-Arginine.

Lastly, it is important to separate desire problems from relationship problems. Keeping Sex Sexy is all about attitude and commitment. Its essential that as a couple you must commit to physical intimacy, regardless of whether or not things lead to sex and never compromise with your character.

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