Patient Speak

Your words will be a great incentive for me in my future work.I have noted you with a greater awe.

Amitabh  Bachchan

You have always been kind.

Farah Khan.. Producer and Choreographer.

Talking to you itself relived most of my anxiety and I feel very confident that I shall sail through my performance anxiety anytime.

Sachin Tyagi ( Television Star- Winner of Nach Baliye 2}

We were lost and didnt know what to do, you came as a God send Angel and relived us and infact saved our Marraige.

Mr and Mrs Paul ( Bollywood Actress)

Your confident counselling was mind blowing . You explained to me with such ease the subject which I was so shy to even talk about.
Suketu Shah Buisneeman

You have solved the mystery of our lives and gave us a splendid road map for our future.

Mrs and Mr Salim Bootwala. (Businessman)

I have never met a doctor who could so wonderfully counsel and explain the problems.

Mr Edwin Banz (Actor)

I dont think that anyone like you on this earth exists who has such a compassionate heart and is so much concerned about every patients health.

Nikhil (TV Actor)

All I need is to see you doc and your touch which makes the magic..

Juthika Gokalani (Banker)

Besides being a good doctor you are a great humanitarian soul, who has so much yeomen services done and are always ready to help the poor, needy and underpriviledged without any personal gains. I salute you Doctor Saab. We need you.

Shri Nandakumar Kale (Former MLA)

“It was really great to be in a session about sex that addressed issues that seem of real importance and real use in life. Thanks a lot, I felt very comfortable and informed after the session.”

Mrs and Mr Bhavesh J.

“Best one hour I have spent “.”Wonderful, wonderful lecture! Very informative, very effective.

Mrs and Mr Tejwani S

“This is one of the most relevant, applicable, and to-the-point therapy sessions I’ve ever witnessed! So needed, so informative and timely!

Mr Salim Merchant, Chief Executive Engineer MMRDA

“We are fortunate to have such bright, articulate and up-to-date informed presenter as Dr Deepak Jumani in our school.”

Fr Fernandes, St. Annes High School

The meeting with him was Casual, comfortable, and educational, but most memorable.

Ali Umar Sales Manager. Abbots Labs.

Your exercise has led us to a wonderful sexual interlude. We realize that we had been much less present with each other as the years had gone by. We both have been “going through the motions.” The exercise helped us see what we had been missing, and helped us reconnect in a passionate way.

Mrs and Mr Rao J. Dubai

I found Dr Deepak Jumani’s session riveting! He was so relaxed that taboos melted and it suddenly became fine to talk freely and use words I am usually too inhibited to use. I learnt so much in just one afternoon, and it has brought fresh energy into our 27 year old marriage.

Guru Govardhandas … Dance Teacher

Dearest friend,

It was a super night and thanks once again.

MP from Dubai…

For the past two decades I lived in dark with auras of myths around me leading me to shame, fear and guilt.. Dr Deepak Jumani wonderfully explored my views and logically cleared off all my myths and gave my life a new meaningful and joyous direction. He is incredible.

Mr Ashish Software Consultant, Mumbai.

The consultation with Dr Deepak Jumani was like a new life to me I am seeing myself as a changed man more calm, peaceful and of course got my sexual dysfunction healed.

Kunal G IT Consultant Mumbai

“Your counselling therapy is superb. My partner and I have recommended you to five of our friends and acquaintances.”

Mr Manoj C. Software ware Consultant

“My time with you in counselling has been a tremendously helpful growing experience”

Thank you…you have given us back our marriage.”

Mrs Natasha P. Consultant.

“Without your incredible skills and counselling, we would not be together…. We can’t thank you enough.”

Mrs and Mr Bhavesh Shah :Buisnessman

I am so much relieved after talking to you. What a load of muck I was carrying all the time in my life.

Mr Sandeep Patil IT Consultant.

It was the most delightful experience I ever had.

Mr Sanjay Wadhwani .,Builder .

I found myself unfolding and awakening gently to something I think I always knew, but the wway I was made to understand It was simply  awesome.

Mr Dipesh Jain. IT Consultant.

It was  enlgihtening and educative beyond imagination. I wish I had met Dr Deepak Jumani a year before.

Sachin D. IT Consultant

Your advice Rocks.

Dinesh Shirhade : Buisnessman.

We had a excellent and healthy discussion and now We are so intimate & there’s meaning and happiness in our lives that I’ve never experienced before.”

Mrs and Mr Rajesh Karnik

I wish I should have met you earlier, I would have saved a lot.
Anyway better late than never and its never to late.
Amit Jain

Howcan you be so dedicated and loving to all. ? What is the raaz?

RJ Archanaa Pania Radio City 91.1FM.

I can’t believe no one ever gave me this information about my problem before. I went home and practiced with my partner and we had more passionate relationship than we’ve ever had.

 Mr Amit L. Senior IT Consultant

There is no comparison to the counseling Dr Deeepak Jumani gives. Even my dreams are less fulfilling.  It was a very empowering session 

 Mr R Sharma  Film Director.

I learned more in one day than in 20 years.

Mrs Raj Kamalnath Senior Vice President Amas Bank

This was a fantastic experience – I wish all young boys and girls   should take benefit from learning from you.!

Dr Akshay Gandhi  GS  MGM Medical College

I wish I had come earlier, I would have been a finer man.

Saurabh Jani  UK Businessman

I am amazed at the way you have imbibed confidence in me. I have started feeling normal.

Rohit Shah  Software Engineer from Pune

My wife feels you are a God for us. You have made our life simpler. You are great.

Amit Prasad  Vice President  AKI travels. 

What I read about you was less than what I eperienced in you after meeting you.

Mr K Hazare IT Consultant.

I can never believe anyone so positive and passionate as Dr Deepak Jumani.

Suman Haldipur Lyricist

I wish I had met you earlier for the clarity and peace which I am experiencing is a awesome feeling.

Sushil Harpalani : Corporate Sales Head VICTOR Jeans

“I love your counseling and the wonderful, empowering information that you share…”

Mr A Bannerjee,  Chief Executive Reliance India

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for being so in touch with your life purpose and being so active in sharing your truth with the rest of the world. Your counselling has been a comfort in helping me deal with the most difficult loss, I could have ever had.”

Dr Naresh Chavda,   Physican

“I enjoy the education and inspiration. I am clear and feel much relieved Doc Have a very blessed day.”

Shri Ravi Jasra,  CEO Jasra Graphic

“I want to thank you for all your motivations  I’ve recieved. They are so true an easy to do. Thank you from my heart.”

Kim Sharma,

I have no words to express my joy after me and my wife met you in your clinic and am amazed at your energy, clarity and the inspiration you gave us. Our biggest thank you of our life to you Sir.

Mr Ashish Deshpande, IT Conultant.

I had been to a Sexologist who gave me medicines for depression which depressed me more. I couldnt tolerate and seeked Dr Deepak Jumani. He counselled me so brilliantly and am sure I shall get rid of my sex problem soon. He is a awesome counsellor.

Mr Shaikh Ahmed of  Honda

As we enter the office, we are infused with a feeling of warmth and comfort.  Doctor’s offices have always felt like sterile places with robotic doctors– overworked and barely human. Sometimes they didn’t even introduce themselves or meet our eyes. Going to see Dr Deepak Jumani feels like visiting a knowledgeable friend. He treats us with warm care and concern, and we never feel rushed. We are relieved to be with a human doctor!

Mr Gautam Ravi Jasra   .. A successful buisnessman.

We feel SPECIAL since he takes time to listen.

Jyothi S.  Dubai

My doctor knows my name and says hello when I see him in public!

Shibani Singhania

Dr Deepak Jumani’s  family medical clinic is like a cup of warm tea  soothing, refreshing,healing and loving Having a personal, caring, available doctor 24/7 is amazing.

Rajan Padhye  Municipal Councillor.

Thank God I met  Dr Deepak Jumani.. He has changed my life from scratch to stars. His counseling has brought my life on track and today I am fearless and open to accept any challenges of life.

Mr  Itesh   Team Leader  Intelenet

Dr Deepak Jumani is very transparent and his way of explaining the problem is awesome. He is very comfortable to communicate with.

Mr  Hari Sharma, Creative Director TV

Dr Deepak Jumani is a superb counselor. He removed my  myths about sex and sexuality in a very simple manner and I feel very very light.


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    I need a appointment of Dr.Deepak Jumani.please send me a address and Timing of the Hospital and Telephone no.

    Thanks and regards,
    Shankar kurle

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