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Every Sex play  is divided into three phases each transcends into the other. The first and foremost is Foreplay, which transcends into Interplay (Intercourse) and this follows the most forgotten Afterplay.

In love making foreplay is very important and can be said to be the most passionate thing to do to ignite the fire in your minds. Foreplay if done right can leave you having the most lovely time. But, if hurriedly approached and thrown together it can show your lack of skill, ability and overall appreciation of your partner..

Foreplay refers to a wide variety of erotic stimulation that precedes “real” sex or sexual intercourse. However, behaviors that commonly are labeled as foreplay are pleasurable sexual activities in their own right and need not be thought of only as preliminary to other activities.

As part of a broader sexual interaction, foreplay is considered to be an essential component that stimulates and prepares the body and the mind/emotions to move through the phases of the sexual response cycle in preparation for orgasm.

In the era of AIDS, there has been growing emphasis on sexual contact that does not lead to intercourse. Some forms of this behavior, in which orgasm occurs without inserting the penis into the vagina or any other body cavity, have been referred to as outercourse.

The most important ingredient of foreplay is Vitamin T (Touch). Skin is the largest sex organ and the whole body is a Erogenous Zone and touching forms the main element of foreplay  because the surface of the body is covered with many receptor cells (nerve endings) that transmit pleasurable sensations to the brain. Some parts of the body, particularly the clitoris, penis, nipples, fingertips, palms, lips, tongues, and soles of the feet have more densely packed nerve endings and  all forms of pleasure during foreplay are transmitted through the skin. Consequently, caresses, hugging, holding hands, and related acts of physical intimacy, in addition to expressing key cultural meanings about caring, safety, and arousal, are important acts of foreplay.

Many people find kissing to be the fundamental act of foreplay. Kissing involves a range of behaviors from very light lip-to-lip contact, to what is often referred to as “deep” or French kissing, in which partners rub their tongues against each other and over other mouth surfaces. Generally, kissing is considered to be an extremely intimate and pleasurable act because it involves direct face-to-face contact and because the mucous membranes that cover the lips and mouth have an especially dense supply of nerve endings. Some individuals are particularly sensitive around their ears, inner thighs, or lower stomach, while breasts and nipples (for both women and men) often are highly preferred places for caressing and oral stimulation.

In addition to various sites around the body, most people are quite responsive to manual or oral contact with their pubic area, although the precise spot that is most arousing varies. For men, the underside of the full length of the penis, the head of the penis, the scrotum, or the area between the end of the scrotum and the anus (called the perineum) are often quite sensitive. Oral stimulation and sucking of these areas is referred to as oral sex. For women, the clitoris, vulva, and surrounding areas are especially sensitive. The most sensitive part in the vagina these days is  termed as G-Spot or Grafenberg spot which is located an inch above on the anterior wall of vagina just behind the pubic bone and this  is the most sensitive area and stimulating this site has even reported to have ejaculatory fluid which comes out from Skene’s glands.

For both women and men, anal stimulation may be highly stimulating  though some find manual, oral or penile stimulation of the anus to be unattractive or inhibitive.

It is sometimes said that the human body’s most erogenous zone is the mind. Foreplay, as a result, is not merely an issue of physical stimulation but also one of emotional and mental stimulation. Some people, for example, are stimulated by the physical location and setting in which foreplay occurs.

Certain things like having red soft silky sheets, blankets on the bed, red lingerie,  feeding each other with red cherries, grapes strawberries, blindfolding one of the partners and exploring each others body parts, sensual music, sensual massage with aromatic oils, sensual bathing together , nibbling, biting of nails etc also set in the ignition or are seductive and all these can be acts of foreplay.

For some, public displays of affection are highly erotic. Most people are also responsive to verbal stimulation and can become aroused by compliments and strong expressions of affection and caring. Some have personal fantasies about particular locations or activities that they find highly stimulating (e.g., a warm fireplace on a cold night). Consequently, arranging locations or the role-playing of particular desired interactions (sometimes in costume) may be incorporated into foreplay

Some fantasies may involve activities or circumstances, such as acts of dominance or submission, that are only pleasurable as fantasy and would be otherwise unacceptable. Generally, these activities require open communication, a fair degree of disinhibition, and a willingness to appease one’s partner. For some people, even light to moderate pain may be stimulating. Biting or light scratching are common acts of foreplay, but some people prefer spanking or other forms of light physical punishment.

Bondage is also considered quite arousing by some people. Acceptance or rejection of these behaviors varies, and unless a behavior is mutually enjoyable it will not contribute to providing the pleasure and sense of deep relaxation that is the central function of foreplay in human sexual interaction.

Various rubber and electrical devices (such as vibrators), sometimes called “sex toys,” have become popular in recent years. These are readily available in many areas at stores that specialize in adult merchandise. Generally, these stores also sell sexually explicit magazines and videotapes, which some couples incorporate into their foreplay activities.

Every foreplay duration has to be the majority of the time spend during the loveplay and the least time spent is during the Interplay (Intercourse). Having said that one must not forget the most important phase of sex play which is the afterplay during which  I suggest a male partner should always thank and complement the female partner by holding her tight, kissing and hugging her and the duration of afterplay should be more than the interplay. This is the key thing in getting and giving equal gratification and respect to this awesome love play. This also gives not only physical intimacy but the most important emotional intimacy  both of which are the roots of love

The basic ingredients of foreplay are physical and mental/emotional stimulation, trust, and the expression of caring. Acts of foreplay that some individuals or couples find highly erotic may be completely unacceptable to others. Consequently, open discussion, sensitivity, and acceptance are vital to a healthy approach to foreplay


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