Chief Guest and Keynote address at the Installation of IMA Shivneri

At Indian Medical Association of Shivneri Branch, where Dr Sadanand Raut, A Senior Physician from Narayangaon and a Expert in treating Snake and Scorpion bites was elected as The President of the IMA Shivneri Branch for the second consequtive year. At this inaugural and installation ceremony Dr Ravi Wankhedkar a true IMA leader, Member of Executive Committee of MMC, a Surgeon from Dhule and Dr Deepak Jumani were the Chief Guests and this function was also graced by Shri S Sonavne a MLA from that area. A CME was also arranged and Dr Deepak Jumani delivered a talk of Sexual Health of Doctors

Inaugurating the Installation ceremony of President Dr Sadanand Raut of IMA Shivnerit 8 9 10 11 12 13

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