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Does Size Matter ?


Does Size Matter?

Do Women love it  or do men take pride in it ?

In today’s world where everything revolves around big cars, big houses and even big jobs, the question arises whether ‘bigger is always better for everything’? But when it comes to a man’s ability to satisfy a woman, does size actually matter? If you are still wondering just find it out yourself.

Sweet sixteen and that’s when almost 40% of our time  is spent in the laughs and giggles with the slightest mention of sex. Catching up with the facts and figure in magazines to a round table conversation with friends, sex is a never ending topic of discussion for people of all ages. In spite of all the reading, don’t you still find  bundles of questions toppling in your mind? The older you  grow, the more embarrassed you feel to talk about your own sexual concerns. I shall bring  to you the most talked about sex myths, the answers of which you have been wondering for years!

It’s a human tendency to believe ‘ bigger is always better’. And it goes without saying that the same has come down across generations as a point of belief when it comes to matters of sex. I once over heard a conversation of a group of girls in their late teens who quite interestingly giggled and discussed how to judge the size of a penis. Is it really important most might ask. But in today’s world where moving in and out of a relationship is not a big deal and a topic of open discussion, a lot goes just for the size. Undoubtedly it is because of the size  that there has been many splits amongst couples.  However funny it may sound, the length of a penis is a matter of wonder to many. Gaging a size is just next to impossible. To be precise even a man of triceps and 6 packs can break your fantasy.


“Size does not matter. It is not the length of the penis, it is the strength and its function. When it comes to sex it is either a matter of procreation or recreation. The vaginal passage where you insert is 6 inches in length. It is elastic. The outer 1/3 of the vaginal passage contains all the nerve ending and receptive powers which are responsible for the pleasure in a woman including the G spot. So beyond this 1/3 which would be approximately 2 inches and a little more the rest 2/3 area is insensitive. This means the optimal length of the penis in an erect state has to be little more than 2 inches”.

A decent size would also allow you to do good and comfortable oral sex rather than trying to coercing a huge one inside your mouth. But then men are obsessed with the size. Men having a penis size of 5 inches feel that their penis size is small. This is when some real time advices come into action. The point to be noted is women don’t focus on the size until the play is not right. Women focus more on what needs to be done with it.

Frankly speaking women spend more time talking about whether their man washes himself and smells good, rather than how it looks like.

The function of penis is two fold: One is to pass urine for which any length is fine and the second function is procreation or recreation and for this scientifically penile length of 2 inches and above in a non erect state is normal.

A nose is a nose. What difference will it make be it a horse or a pony? Amitabh Bachchan a six footer and Amir Khan a five footer both are best in their work,  It is the act of love and affection between you and your partner. The whole purpose of a sexual intercourse is for both of you to enjoy a climax. So long as the functions are taken care, you can plan for a holiday every year. It is hence said that for a archer it is the aim  not the length of his arrow that matters.


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