44th American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors Annual Conference at Austin , Texas, USA 6th to10th June 2012.

44th AASECT  Annual Conference “SYNERGY ” Innovation Sexuality Tradition was held in Austin Texas at Hyatt Regency from 6th to 10th June 2012.

Dr Deb Levine  BSW, MA  and  Dr Deepak Jumani  


AASECT Internataional Delegates  Meeting 

Dr Patti Britton  Past President of AASECT, Dr Chelsea  Wakefield, Dr Deepak Jumani, Dr Gina Ogden and Dr Linda Savage.    


Dr Gina Ogden and Dr Gretchen  at    AASECT      



Dr Bill Taverner and Dr Deepak Jumani    


Dr Amy Schalet and Dr Deepak Jumani 


Dr Talli Rosenbaum of Israel and DrIrvin Goldstien    



Senator Sarah Weddington and Dr Deepak Jumani

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